Have you ever met someone whose main goal going to Boracay was not to experience its powdery sand and great beaches but to simply stuff her face with food? No? Well then, glad to meet you. I pretty much seen all I wanted to know about Boracay because its summer and almost everyone on Facebook […]

This year’s Holy Week was spent on an impulsive beach trip with three other friends. I swear I am now ten times better at playing pusoy. We did nothing but play cards and drink and play more cards, eat and play more. Aisa, looking like a real hustler. Me, trying to finish a book but […]

Every time I check this blog, I am always surprised by how many people still visit this site given the lack of updates in here. I account this to two main reasons: first, me being too lazy to write anything and second, I just don’t know how to write anymore. (In fact, here I am, […]

My friends Pao and Domeng finally got married last March 10 after seven years of being together. I really don’t have much to say about the event except that it was the most beautiful wedding I’ve ever been to. This was such a beautiful day to be with friends and share all the excitement with […]

Last Wednesday, February 8, I finally got to meet Tara McPherson. It was her second visit to the country and I was just over the moon to finally have the chance of meeting one of the artists I look up to. The first time she was here, I came too late to VinylOnVinyl and wasn’t […]

I’ve been going to gigs since I was 15. To others, it may seem late but I was glad to be a part of a time when the Pinoy music scene was so vibrant and gritty at the same time. I don’t have pictures of my almost-nightly trips to bars. There was no Facebook back […]

Someone left a question on my Tumblr and what she asked of me was a very hard thing to do: list down my favorite books. To begin with, I think it is rather impossible to limit one’s preference to a specific number. I’ve been into books for a long time and I like certain books […]