Things I Like

I like when my four-month old nephew looks at something in the distance and I put my face in front of him to catch his attention but he continues to look at this distant something and when I’m about to be convinced that he doesn’t see me, his little black eyes would look straight at me and he’ll smile. I like how I would suddenly think of this guy I haven’t seen in a while and all of a sudden my phone would buzz and his name would appear under “1 new message”. I like that a few minutes ago while I was waiting for my coffee, the girl on the counter said that we have the same name and she is yet to meet someone unattractive under our shared name. I like her attempt at small talk and she was probably lying but I didn’t mind. I like that I’m beginning to like the idea of being by myself in a crowd though it took some time to get used to but here I am, sitting with a cup of coffee, writing in a notebook no one has ever read except me while everyone is with a friend, a lover, a colleague, talking about the puzzles of life. I like the title of this Richard Brautigan book I bought for twenty pesos “in watermelon sugar the deeds were done and done again as my life is done in watermelon sugar” I like that when I opened a big coffee table book about James Dean, four postcards fell from it. One has a letter written at the back, a letter for Elaine and the person who wrote it was writing about how “when us English kids get together we just talk and talk and get louder and louder all the time” and that “We must create a bad impression for the English.” And if I just know that person’s address I would have written him (her?) back something like “I think the entire English population would not be put in a bad light just because two of its citizens were laughing too loudly in a cafe. Don’t worry too much.” By the way, I took all four postcards and I like that I didn’t think it was stealing. I like this shirt I bought which shows Wayne Coyne inside a large bubble ball, crowd surfing at one of their concerts. I like that the people seated beside me while I was eating my dinner were a good looking guy and his mother (grandmother? I’m not really sure) and I thought to myself that it’s refreshing to see guy who looks that good and is not afraid to be seen public with his mother (grandmother?) instead of a good looking girl. I like the cold wind that blows while I am writing this because it makes me guess “Is it about to rain or is that just the holiday breeze?” I like the tip my friend gave me when I told her I’ll be seeing this guy I haven’t seen in while next week: wear red lipstick. I like that I’m considering the idea given the fact that I’m the last person on earth who’ll put anything resembling the shade of red on my lips. I like that my hand is hurting from the furious scribbling but there are still a thousand things I can think of that I like and I like to write about.


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